Kirk Bingaman

Kirk BingamanI am a graphic designer, photographer, and web designer/developer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. I focus on elegant and practical designs and solutions for print, video, and the Internet.


JK Findings Website

JK Findings

I am responsible for website planning and maintenance for the JK Findings website. The site integrates a Microsoft Navision database into an online catalog and order processing system. I build graphics and web pages, maintain and troubleshoot content, and make updates to the database when necessary. I also consult with an outside firm that administers the Navision database.

Element K Website

Element K

At Element K, I created content for online courses focusing primarily on technology training. I created animations, graphics, and interactive activities to support online training. I edited the XML files that were the primary structure of the online courses. I also assisted in building web pages for the Element K employee intranet.

Chef Direct Website

Chef Direct

I created the website for Chef Direct, a foodservice industry apparel distributor. I was responsible for the site design and setting up an order processing system. For this site, a major challenge was creating an ordering system for products that were available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and other options.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This bulk email was sent to our standard customer mailing list. Two versions are shown side-by-side. The sales team created the version on the left side, which was never sent. On the right side, I removed about half of the content and organized the remainder into topical blocks, to allow the readers to quickly find the content associated with the trade show(s) they would be attending.

Print Media

JK Findings Branding

I developed a branding scheme for JK Findings, Inc. that could be applied to a variety of media. The company was fairly invested in a conservative logo. To get around this I developed a palette of strong colors and a bold ribbon graphic that helped to strengthen the logo.

Book Covers

I designed these four-color paperback covers for books in the Morehouse Publishing library. These books were primarily aimed at religious scholars. The clean and reserved look was intended to match the academic subject matter.

Capital Campaigns

At the Morehouse Group, I designed campaign brochures for Episcopal churches and parishes throughout the US and UK. The brochures and media for capital campaigns needed to maintain a certain elegance without conveying that too much of the donor's money was being spent on promotions.


Commercial Photography

I photographed a variety of finished jewelry and jewelry components for JK Findings, Inc. Most of the images were intended for catalog and website display and required significant manipulation in Adobe Photoshop to improve the appearance of the product.

Personal Photography

This is a selection of my personal photographs. My images have been featured in local publications and on websites such as I also maintain a large library of images that can be used in print and digital media.


JK Findings Trade Show Video

JK Findings Trade Show Video

I filmed and edited this video for a jewelry trade show in Hong Kong. The video was burned to a DVD and played on an HDTV. It was intended to loop continuously with no discernable beginning or ending. (Link will launch a YouTube video in a new window).



As a graphic designer, I have a strong foundation of drawing and painting skills. I am equally skilled at creating illustrations using either traditional media or software. I also have experience creating mechanical drawings, photo illustrations, and animations.